The professional instructor will show you how to properly negotiate the turns of Sochi Autodrom, help you choose the right braking points, and give you some useful tips.

* Before purchasing the Master Class with Instructor experience, please consider the transmission type of the chosen car (manual/automatic).

The Master Class with Instructor service is provided to the person who has reached the age of 18 having the original driving licence valid for the date of participation in the master class with the driving experience bot less than 1 year.

The experience includes a session of two laps
- the first lap (from the pit lane to the pit lane) the instructor drives and explains to the participant of the master class the special features of driving on the track of Sochi Autodrom and the nuances of controlling that particular car
- the second lap (from the pit lane to the pit lane) the participant is behind the wheel, the instructor sits next to him/her.

Purchasing an additional lap allows the participant to pass the start-finish straight of Sochi Autodrom. The following additional laps can be purchased only after agreeing with the instructor during the Master Class experience.



If you want to purchase the Master Class with Instructor and Race Taxi experiences for the same person, make sure that the Master Class with Instructor experience starts before the Race Taxi experience (these services can be provided in this order only).

Before taking part in themaster class experience you will have to fill in the acknowledgement, so please come to the information desk of Sochi Autodrom (Olympic Park, Sochi Autodrom Main Grandstand, Gate A) 15 minutes prior to the time specified in your ticket.

Driving directions