Gift Certificate

Если вы хотите порадовать друзей, близких или партнеров оригинальным подарком, прекрасный выбор – сертификат!


If you want to please your friends, family, or clients with an unconventional present, a certificate for Sochi Autodrom is the best solution! 


It is easy to give an electronic certificate and use it to pay for experiences at Sochi Autodrom or for Formula 1 tickets:

Race Taxi - from 7000 rub

Master-Class - from 9000 rub

TraqChallenge - from 12500 rub

Training sessions - from 38000 rub

Karting - from 1300 rub

Excursions - from 700 rub

Auto Museum Nika Panuli- from 700 rub

VR - from 500 rub



To redeem a certificate, select the product you are interested in and enter the certificate code in the “Promo Code or Certificate Code” field.

Certificate Terms of Use:
  1. A certificate can be used online or when paying at the Sochi Autodrom ticket office
  2. A certificate can be used multiple times until its expiry date
  3. If the amount is more than the face value of the certificate, the remaining amount can be paid by card
  4. If the amount is less than the face value of the certificate, the remaining amount can be used later
  5. A certificate will not be restored if lost
  6. Expired certificates are not accepted as payment
  7. A certificate is valid within 12 months from the date of its purchase
  8. A certificate can be used in accordance with the Sochi Autodrom timetable only
  9. The full Gift Certificate terms and conditions are contained in the Offer