Russia Drag-racing Championat

RDRC is the Russian Drag Racing Championship, a competition, where the most powerful and fastest cars compete in parallel acceleration over the distance of a quarter mile. 

In the 2023 season, the organizers of the Russian Drag Racing Championship and Cup held seven grandiose racing events, during which races were held in four series: RDRC Pro, RDRC Pro Street, RDRC Street and RDRC Club. The total number of participants was more than 250 people, and the total audience was visited by more than 20 thousand people.


This season, the number of professional vehicles has significantly increased - more than 10 new cars of the highest league. Some of the regular participants have moved this season from body cars to dragsters, and some - from dragsters to promods, which clearly shows the significant growth of the championship and the discipline as a whole. In addition to the already traditional classes of the RDRC Pro series 4,3 — 7,6 — 8,6 there is a new class 3.66 at a distance of 1/8 miles for the fastest cars that accelerate over 400 km/h, and some use nitromethane as fuel.


The premiere was also the first official moto drag racing competitions in Russia, and the races were held in two classes - Moto+ and Moto Unlim.

You can find the results of the season here.


1 round – 27-28.05.2023
2 round – 10-12.06.2023
3 round – 15-16.07.2023
4 round – 12-13.08.2023
5 round – 26-27.08.2023