4 этап RDS Europe 2023

For the first time, the GARAGE FEST hosted the 4th stage of the interregional RDS Europe championship, which was launched by 47 pilots from 20 cities of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. All the main favorites of the season and representatives of the northern capital, who have not yet performed in the championship this year, came to St. Petersburg for the competition. The configuration was specially designed for the RDS EUROPE stage: high-speed, allowing you to drive at full throttle, giving a lot of incredibly close and smoky pair races and so loved by the audience kiss-the-wall (easy safe collision with the wall with the rear bumper).

The concrete blocks along which the cars were rushing added entertainment for the fans and the need to feel the car filigree for the pilots. On Sunday, the fight was continued by 32 pilots who showed the best results the day before. The fight was incredible, there was everything: stunningly accurate door-to-door passes and collisions, technical problems of the favorites and unexpectedly strong passes of newcomers, team derbies and the confrontation of best friends. And all this in real clouds of smoke, under the roar of engines and under the applause of the audience from the packed stands. The winner of the stage was Feodor Chevychelov. In the team competition, FT became the best of 12 teams, and STAR PER STARS AIMOL became the second. Bronze at CARVILLE RACING.